What I saw on streets

When I was in Berlin, spending most of my life in Kreuzberg introduces me to refugee camp in the center of neighbourhood.

African origin refugees demand working, travelling and settling rights from german government. So simple !

“Cause they already gave up the origin country and their rights sooo what is this demand ? ”

This approach actually exist in every path of an average middle aged, conservative western person or institution !! I faced it, I experienced it.
Even you are a legal immigrant, based on your country of origin your salary, the attitudes towards you is easily changeable.

For more details about this camp full of refugess http://www.dw.de/fighting-for-freedom-in-free-spirited-berlin/a-16914346

The motto for this camp was “KEIN MENSCH IST ILLEGAL” means no one is illegal.

2 days ago when I was walking I saw this


Just same sentence, but in Turkish.

So our concerns are same but in different languages


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