I was playing solitaire few minutes ago.
Thoughts followed each other and I reachrd him.
But also I reached a Conclusion !

What I learnt from this life based on my own experiences is,
Reality or lets say the truth can be understood or revealed in two ways
First, having no background information about subjects, objects. The existence of x y z is enough.
Evaluate it.
99% you are close to the truth.
Your bias do not exist, objectivity is high.
This can be formulated as children philosophy. 
Their unwritten minds , tabula rasas, able to see the things events actions as they Really are! 
King is nude !!

Second way
Fed up with the situation! 
Became 1 with the matter.

So you can reach the truth.
Peel the shelves of your and the subject’s mind.
Convergence is key! 

The second one happened to me.

I was just a toy for him.
A little adventure. 
Good to talk.
Good to f..k.
Good to laugh.
Not enough to love.
Not enough to share.
Not enough to mention her to the others.

So pitty.
It hurts.
It decreases my self confidence.
But conclusion = I am just a toy for him.
A worthless toy that when someobe took it away from his hands; he doesn’t cry at all….


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