Trying so hard ! But tastes good

since tuesday I am working in a management consultancy firm, I only ate what my mum has cooked.

For a long time, I was wondering how can I make a soup with Mastic resin 🙂

It is usually used in cookies or milky dessert.
But I thought that it can be suitable also for a creamy soup.
I make it as a classical joghurt soup.
First butter then little bit flour. When the flour and butter homogenized, add 1 scrambled egg mixed with half pocket cream.
Boil one liter water. Add four or five pieces mastic resin wait for it until it melted.

Add water slowly to the creamy part on pot.
Then add coriander 3 spoon tahini and sumac.

I decided to make it tonite.

The result

My dad said incredibly delicious.
Mom said I love it.

I liked it but I think it would be good with an pureed vegatable but dont know which ?


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