Walkings are started

After he went to BERLIN again, I couldn’t stop eating.

It was relief at first. He came back to me. We make love. He appreciates me…
It was like a dream and back to reality made me shocked at first, then unhappy…

Eating provides me some breaks, some fake happiness..
But also fat.

So since today I begun a protein based diet. In the morning I ate one boiled egg, 3 pieces gouda, 2cgerfy tomato and coffee, at lunch I ate some green salad w olive oil and 5 tablespoons chickpeas.
At dinner, 3 tablespoon sausauges w tomato souce and plain yogurt.
During day I drunk coffee, green tea and one herbal tea.

I walked for an hour.
After walking I took this photo

This is my winter hair style, a thin braid of my bangs.. and an up-do !

Tomorrow morning I am planning to wak again !
Procrastinating my sorrow by walking and dieting…
All the time during procrastination I  dream a lot about he and me.. beautiful dreams, happy dreams…
I wish they became come true…

Here is my wish… a secret !


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