just writing

I have to write, cause I have no more credit to accept my empty hopes with my friends….

We are talking with him so often nowadays..

late night skypes, whats app messages, even we wrote a viral adv. together and published.. yayyy to us.

Those seems cool, good and even promising but I knew myself I am attached more and more to him.

I dreamed of “us” a lot. I tried to recall all memories, all touches, all words when I spent with him.My eyes are closed. To feel him again and again, to recall his voice to echo on my mind again… I am trying so hard to find a base to believe my perception, his impression on me is not deceptive..

I dont want to be a victim of what I feel, what I was allowed to feel, live by him.. Though I have never thought he is my villian…


Should I be panic ? Cause now I found myself dreaming about he and me in a european city all alone and happy in the middle of a meeting which I was supposed to make translation… 

These are the sound of a storm, a love storm that will absorb me.. 

so just listen that song now , dont panic p. dont please



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