demo in berlin

demo in berlin

on 4th february , Turkey’s prime minister will visit Berlin. 

Turkish people organized this demonstration ( actually Alevi organization ) . 


Nowadays his name is so familiar with fraud, and bribes that he and his son took. Before those proved discussion, during summer gezi protest ( a small park in Istanbul, which is planned to be Shopping mall and peaceful demos confronted with violent and mortal police force ) .

At the end of 30 days protests, 6 people are killed many injuries and thousands of custody..

hundered thousand of people smelled gas, beaten by police, shot by plastic bullets…

He has no understanding of democracy, discussion and any positive or negative thought appreciation. Contradicted political discourses, oppression of woman, woman body, students … >List is long… just type gezi, erdogan, turkey into google and images will talk itself.

If you are in Berlin, go there to demo and understand in case of any interest of 21th century dictatorship in a country 


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