me and him


Day. Daylight. People. Work.


All the things distract me from thinking of you.
It is like sun. I know it is there, but itself and millions of others avoid of me looking at it.


But I feel it. It warms me. It nourishes me. It makes me happy.
You are sun during the day.
But actually and love actually.
I believe that moon is more intense and intimate for us.
We can look at and we can see the same moon. We can feel it.
Maybe just five minutes ago when I was looking at the moon you were looking at too…
No distraction. No hinder. Silence. Calm wind. Light lights. Moon. Night.
I am thinking about you.


This is the moon I saw. It shelters different lights, people than yours in berlin.


But also it shelters us. You and me. And our probability.
When sun rises tomorrow, I will be still able to see moon. Silence will be inherited from the night. Hopes will be transacted from night to day with a warm wind. Clouds. Trees. Bloosoms.


Note: all photos are taken by me in bursa-turkey, varenna-italy, berlin-germany.


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