Saying what saying ?

Beside my heartaches inherited from Berlin.

I have serious problems in Turkey. As many of you know, Turkey has a vast majority of muslim population and a middle-eastern country however some perspectives it is closer to western countries compared to the other muslim world. 

After I had moved back to Turkey, I have missed so much things and I have to alter my daily habits.

  • Forgetting taste of bacon (in small citys IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND PORK)
  • Diary product variety is almost lost if you had found it is crazy expensive
  • Alcohol sales are prohibited after 10pm (new law)
  • If you are a woman and going back home after sun set, you should let your friends that you had arrived home SAFELY
  • Invisible population of GAYS

Ok I can prolong this list but I will come to the point.

I will give you the keywords. Muslim. Woman. Virgin. Marriage. In this to-be-hell country, there is TAMPON scarcity. So hard to find, if you had found just 2-3 types thats all.

and the story begins like that: (This is a true story) You( I mean “I”) went a big super market in the 4th biggest city of this most westernized Muslim oriented middle-eastern country, you could not find TAMPONS but you are sure it must be somewhere..

you go and ask a sales assistant ( MALES ARE NOT PREFERABLE , you are a woman and you will ask something about your period, your fertility which can seduce a man so AVOID – when I was a child, when my aunt bought sanitary pads, man at cash wrap it with a newspaper and put it on a BLACK BAG offfff, cause nobody should see it – ) ok lets go back to story

you choose a woman sales assistant and ask for tampons .

-Sorry, where are the tampons I couldn’t find them.

-(..giggling, little shame…) saying tampon ??

-saying tampon ?? as saying ??

-you ask for tampon ??????? (ASTONISHED)

– (serious tone) yes I ask for tampon for my period ( in turkish generally women use “being ill” instead of period)

– (AMUSED, PUZZELED, JUDGED, she realized that I AM NOT VIRGIN) Just please check those sanitary pad section…

– Ok


But I can feel the judgement. and it is ?

1st saying loudly that you had period – SHAMEEE !! you are calling men !! you underlines that you are fertile

2nd saying loudly you look for a TAMPON !! you had sex beforeee you married – OH NO you are a bitch. you want to seduce men. 

3rd combine 1st and 2nd—-> oh no, she is a woman, she is against those traditions, she is doing whatever she wants soo I am jeaoulos. She is my rival. Anyway her appearance is bad ( so I found some point to make myself confident and blamed her)…

Oh no. This made me so tired. 

my friend form office is going to London. and I order some tampons which are not selling in Turkey  http://www.amazon.de/O-B-Tampons-Flexia-Super-St%C3%BCck/dp/B0013CAS5Q 

stocks are important.

but being a women in Turkey not. 






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