On the radio I heard her. The voice was so familiar.
After the DJ said Big in japan cover by Ann Brun. I said myself, pinar obviously you will admire a Scandinavian beauty, style, way of simplicity etc.

listen and listen again. The need of show, shouting, sexiness, dances, lots of instrument is irrelevant actually for music.
She- why all Scandinavians are without an exception, breathtaking charming, beautiful? And why I have no roots to Scandinavians???? Why? :/ , anyway her guitar, her voice emphasised that sometimes deleting the details, extras is the coziness and life fuel itself.

I can write as long as that nobody can imagine how I admire them- numerous Scandinavian blogs I follow nourish it of course. But I decided to believe in my inner soft and cozy peace begun.
I let my mind to stay big in japan. Waiting some good things to happen.

Ann brun is the most appropriate beginning for my day and era.