Those are the words for my story.

This time we came to an end.

no reply from him. I used more credit for him than he saved in me. He has gone, naturally. After the shock I had through – my brother passed away- he barely wrote me about how I felt. This was rude, plus the all the things we had shared, intimacy…

when the distances getting bigger, when you shared less, you only repeat yourselves what you had shared.

this cycle doesnot last longer, unless each part put effort and willingness on it.


I was the one side. the other didnot reply

I am finished. We are finito. Us came to a “son”.

I opened this blog to express myself what I felt for him and tell our story. But this blog will be continued.


anyway I blocked him, but he can still reach me from fb. but of course not.. 

I am not the queen of sorrow, but coziness of Sade can only explain me. 

*son = means end in Turkish.


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