You don’t have to say goodbye

‪Sting – Roxanne- LIVE Berlin feat. The Royal Phi…: http://youtu.be/NB-3f0Taj2c

I couldnt resist. 
I wrote him.
He barely and by in a way that the most unwilling words replied me. And the last question I asked remained unanswered. 

So he said me an invisible but most determined goodbye.
I remained feelingless, a deep loneliness, a big misery and hopelessness.

Just a touch.
Just a smile.
A bit intimacy.
My dreams could be satisfied. 

As I said, just to feel a few butterflies on my stomach, I comply with a misery that is equal to 5bull power.

Is it fair?
Or Is it reasonable? 

I smoked.
I opened the radio

You don’t have to say goodbye A.
I am going already. 

But I just, I just wish… you could have believed us as I did…



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