What comes is indefinite, so I should welcome the night afterwork

Such a boring day.

At office alone, having a trip around the peak of procrastination; I listen some music.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. As I believed, I should clean my house tonight and then I should “bless” my home from devil spirits and evil eyes by pouring vinegar around the corner and the enterance of my home.

This is not enough ! I should bake some dessert and open the window to spread the smell to the neighbours…


I will cook şekerpare which is my favorite and you can find the recipe here : http://www.turkishfoodandrecipes.com/2013/01/sekerpare.html I will the put the photos later on anyway.


I arranged this night with my best friend whom is alone and just moved back from austraila, and we will welcome the spring with my playlist that I made it for busy after busy work days chillin https://soundcloud.com/pnrsrdr/sets/afterwork and a glass of wine… 


By the way tomorrow he is coming here, I mean the country he will stay for 10days..

will he call me?

will he want to see me ?

will he like me again ?

will we will to be ?


I am asking those questions to the solitaire  



if solitaire is on, If I won then answer is yes.


cure for hopelessness is to create to decieve ourselves, and this is the silliest way, isnt it ?


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