My brother’s pass away made my mom insane..
She stayed all the time at home together with her sisters, mom; barely goes outside. Usually to the graveyard…

She unplugged  herself from life despite every issue related him.
This made me angry. Cause life is going on whatever she did or however she felts… she forgot that she had a daughter.

This weekend was the birthday of my cousin’s daughter. She turned in 9. But she is more clever many people I knew.

My mum refused to come.
She said I am mourning.
Here is grieve..

But I understood.
She never cared about me or my brother.  She is the center of everything. She loves only herself. The role that she got from life is being a proper mother.

And now she has to grieve long to emphasise that she lost someone.
But if she would had wanted to be a person that cares for others, she could had put on some efforts for the rest of the family, that she has.

By the way, I am not asking her to dance and party crazily but she even refuse to spend some sunday breakfast time with me…

Then I realized.
She never wants to be a mother.
So how can she love ?
I am the one who stole her best and independent years…
She should be angry with society not me but I am the only correspondent to her misery feelings…

My precious love, my platonic love in turkey. But didnot write me…

And second anywy; yesterday was such a spring weather here the proof !

Have a good week