Leave, if you ?


Whoever leaves, which city I left, what I lost made me sad.

Leaving is hard for whom to remain. The gone one is paying its/his/her choice’s dues. The gone one has a new habitat.

Remain one tries to disinfect the memories, the touches of the both and once upon a time the one souls, the pebbles, the corners that are smashed by once in a life time happiness…

Cleansing the habitat to convert into a zero kilometer life…


This song is about the leavers, a cry from whom is coerced to be on-its-her-himself.


Original lyrics

Gidersen bana da bir dengini yolla
Dinerse gözyaşın beni de ağla
Arkanda beni bırak gönlüme aldırma
Ardında bir beni bırak gönlüme duyurma.

Yüzüne bakmam ellerinden tutmam
Sözünü ben duymam
Gideceksen durma



If you leave, send any subsititute of you

If your tears dried, then also cry “me”

Just leave me behind , don’t hesitate my heart

Only but only leave “me” behind, don’t let my heart to feel that


I couldn’t look your face, couldn’t hold your hands

I couldn’t hear your words

If you decided to leave, never stop !


He left me.. I remained. I am trying to survive.. to acceptImage


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