After a visit, changes happened

I am back from Berlin. 


I saw him. He, the reason of this blog. My last summer love. He, I really liked, admired. Probably I loved him.

I saved myself not to get hurt easily so I oppressed my feelings..


He has a girlfriend. This was the obvious.

But he had all the time different girlfriends during his visits..

during our talks…


I saw him at a club.

I say “hi” – so cold and unintimate way.

he said hi, my darling welcome

I said yes. thanks but my friend is waiting so see you…


passed through him… 


he acted our friends as if he never knew me… when our common friends told him that they will meet with me

he replied :

” p ? P who ? from Turkey ?? “



I enjoyed. I went the clubs.

I found an Italian guy to sleep with.

He was ok. 

He insisted on to spend a 2nd night together. 

I accepted but again he was an asshole.



I am back. 

A new brand life is waiting for me… 


a feel, a sense is saying that He will be back to me in anyhow.. 



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