The subliminal German culture inside me

After spending 3 years in Germany, actually in Berlin which is not Deutschland at all but still capital, divided, punk, lost and slowly aged, developed, poor but sexy city, I gained something and used to live and love to live with them.

Now I came back my home country, Turkey.
Working in a company.

International one. Brit culture dominated.

But one day I have to visit Bosch plant in Bursa, the city where I am working in Turkey.

We had a meeting, We were almost on time. I walked in office, hmmm little bit comfy and I begun to feel relax rather than the upcoming stress of the meeting.

And at the meeting room !

Ta taaa I was in Germany on that point. I felt that I am in my master class again.

Do you know How ?

Here is the link http://blog.f2furnishings.ca/2012/07/design-history-the-brno-chair-2/

Brno chair.

What is most German to me?

Brno chair.

Simple. comfy. Neat.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe rest in piece.


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