relased new photos belong to season 5.

It is such a lovely TV series.
An abbey with the lord ( ma lord), duches, servants, footmen. A house for full of people different classes, gender, beauty, wealth…

It begins with just before WWI. 3 ladies. Mary the oldest has fallen love with an Ottoman Pasha and… rest is spoiler but believe me the script writers are very generous about killng the characters and changing the hopes, loves and wars !

But ABBEY remains .

Time, place and the person. 3 of them sticked to each other one is altered but the others are ceteris paribus no way.

This tv series all belongs to a time, a place and the people that I wont be able to encounter at any stage of my life.

1910s england, 1910s and a lord and duchess !

I think this is the reason I lost myself and concentrate so easily on such shows, books.

“Contemporary” times art, literature I criticized a lot. Cause I can fix time, type of persons and know the places and the scene

So I can weight the trustworthiness of the story, the facts, the intimacy.

But when I am out of the context and contemporary, I surrender the story…

COstumes, dialogues everything is “real” to me. Cause all I know is what I had been given by them…

I can’ wait ma lord !