Goodnight my childhood!

This is my last week in Bursa before I move to Sydney. 


My mom planned to have a big family dinner but suddenly my uncle had a surgery.  So we went there, the big house on the skirt of the mountains that My childhood during summer passed.. 

İ walked through under pomegranate trees, passed near fig trees and reached the house and my childhood home.. 

Small dinner.. They did not cook a lot and as usual women gave their shares to their men from main course.. 
The case is not being poor. But they don’t want to cook so the main dish leftover from yesterday is divided onto men’s plate..  Funny clever but learned sacrifice… 

After dinner those three witches


Kidnapped me and we played the Sims 3!!

I missed a lot..  İ was a child again with children at my childhood spent house.. 

İ said goodbye.. Goodbye to my family


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