Next week approximately this stage of the day I will be  in Australia.

What an exciting change!! ☺😨☺😱😨:):o:):oops:

Yes these smilies explain my feelings better than any words.. 

İ Am nervous but happy but excited but little bit frightened but mostly curious.. 

On one side of me so stressed.. New job New people new project.. New city… 

The other side is saying that hushhh calm down see even now everything became better.. İn Sydney you will be blessed…

Anyway we will see

So İ begin to think what and how to pack..  Summer clothes or not,  raincoat or jacket, shoes or sneakers??

And labour expensive things should be crossed from list.  So I had dyed my hair..  Into black.. 

Hairdressers in Turkey I think above European ones.. Maybe in the UK they are better. But definitely more successful than  the ones in Germany or Poland… 


During the operation, those wigs are so tempting..  For being someone else, someone that you want to turn into..  But when you got in you always knew that back to the reality is easy as it should not suppose to be.. 

They are fake. 
They are hope. 
They are close.
We are alone.