Mastering German Bureaucracy 101.4: The Most Common Mistake Made by Newcomers

Five starred article from a girl who lived and studied berlin for 3 years and says that Similar and very similar experiences I have.

The Berlinish Journal

Every single person that comes to Germany for a visit, thinks very highly of this country. These people find absolutely everything amazing and whenever I dare to say something not so amazing about life here (and I have been around here for a while longer than them for sure), they try to shush me and tell me what to think instead and that is because all they know of this place is the touristic aspect and nothing else.

Berlin is a nice place in general. No doubt about that. It has its pretty and stunning sides that sometimes make me want to stay forever but let’s face it: Of course people here are nice to you and apparently speak nice English. Has it ever occurred to you that you are here as a tourist (for the most part) and given that, the German economy relies on you leaving some money…

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