Today I am in Ankara.

Capital city of Turkey where my childhood and collage years had passed….

My first and longest love
, 5 years.
The guy that I dreamed to move Germany.
I went he did not come.
He left me on the phone.

The city is still surrendered by the memories of us.
The US that I burried a beautiful and ambitious girl..

The last words of him to be that pinar I would be with you for 2 or 3 years more but I cannot marry with you sooo goodbye. ..

The truth as a knife so sharp and real.
So true but hurting.

Now I am in the city.
My beloved university friend. My friend. Not Hims.

(Cause I was all the time with him. His friends became mine. But only her was my friend)

Drinking my gin to memories.

Happy ones.

Merry Christmas. I believe in miracles which are rarely but this year will happen to me šŸ™‚