Probably you have all understood.

This photo is the result of a combination of
1)a night that contains drinking irresponsibly, acting wildly and losing the all logic.
2) High level of anxiety due to being late.

It is the picture of happiness for me that is sold in a box for 8 lira (3 $) . Yet.

All the notions that we know as I mentioned before a post of mine depends on the time, place and whom you are with.

This result is now my happiness because
I don’t want to have a kid NOW. Timing
I don’t have a place to nourish him or her. Living with my family. PLACE.
The father of my (potential child) could have liked the idea. But he is not with me . PEOPLE.

So this is relief a pure relief.

But this result could had been a tragedy for me even if I only want to have a child. Or I had have opportunities to grow a child.
Or I had had  been with  my the one guy. Not the significant other but the complementary other.

Therefore happiness, sadness , anxiety they are all linked to relativity.
Today I am happy. So don’t search the happiness that comes only from one spring when st. Valentine’s day is coming….