Happy 101th anniversary


The most famous street in Istanbul is called Istiklal street.
And the red tram of this street is maybe more famous than the street itself.


It comes and goes between the tunnel and the square the tram itself hasn’t been changed for 101 years.  And I guess

This antique tram is celebrating its first journey this week.


Not for the people but for the structures , building, design and architecture I found the old ones more elegant, nice and safe, comfortable than the contemporary ones.

The old decreases the risk but also the human labour involved details creates the beauty and difference, the originality…

But I think the concept of risk is key here. Trust to ourselves and the other people is on a icy surface nowadays…. Therefore the old mirrored the strength to me…


And the new ones the children. Running after the tram is also never changed.

Valentine’s day is today. As I mentioned above, trust and ties are so weakened in relationships, maybe this is the best way to look after something which is there more than a century ago . Lovely it is. Or I am going crazy now 🙂

Anyway happy Valentine’s day 🙂 which type of love you are investing that does not matter


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