I put this pancake as the first photo of my post.
In a Muslim country, a few people who lived/worked/studied abroad trying our best here to catch some habits we gained in Germany , UK , australia, canada…

Mardi gras… Our pancake is smiling.

For 2hours we laughed, talked a lot. Just for 2 hours some wine and pancakes….

During those 2 hours , one journalist is stabbed upon his heart by shop owner due to just throwing a snow ball onto the window of a shop.

During those 2 hours the current jerky government while trying to change the army forces laws which legitimize the rights of tbe police to almost kill everyone who is against government or him itself, 5 opposition parliamenter is beaten by government party deputies by a hammer ! Yes hammer. Yes in the parliament.

2 days ago 20years old girl who is taking a small bus to go to her hometown is raped, stabbed and her hands are cut and whole body had been burned by bus driver, his friend and his father…

Turkey is now turning into a shitty place.

What about the world ?
Isis ?
Charlie hebdo?
Russia and Ukraine ?
Nigeria ?
Copenhagen ?

Please think twice as much as world popultion while you want to have a baby ?