Captured by the city


No bus.
No ferry.
One more day in the snowy city. 


Yesterday I was with a guy that I hang out sometimes…

Again everything is about getting used to it is good to talk with him. He is gentle. So you begun to ask yourself “why not?”
He Also seems more interested in me rather than only sex.

I imply something to him and saying I am getting used to everything about you and then it will make me want more . Spending time/ talking w you etc.

He asked me are you falling in love with me ? In a rhetoric way …

Yes. Puzzled. Humiliated.
But answering “of course not”

He is relieved.
I was down.

Is it really hard to adjust the lines between “just sex” and “sex and more” ?

Cause I am tired. So tired . False alarms all the time


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