My phone,
My transformer pc/tablet
And my coffee

I could not start my work because,
I need to check my mails,
I need to answer friends on what’s app,
I need to charge my phone,
I need to update the apps to work faster,
I don’t need but it is good to have a quick look on instagram, Facebook. 
I shouldn’t have need to have a look on Twitter to read the news on a democratic country buuut
Since I am living in Turkey, 
Which has the most censorship request from Twitter by Turkish government,
Since Turkey is the worst country on freedom of speech(based on the numbers of journalists in prison)
Since the government is trying to convert the state into a police state.. 

I need to have a long look on Twitter… 

And be pessimistic again.. 

But 🙂  Sweden as one of my favourite country has an twitter account @sweden which is administered by any citizen for each week. 

This week the writer of “life in the land of ice and snow ” blogger an American woman who married with a sweede guy and lives in Stockholm for 15 years. 
It is good and maybe the only retweets that are optimistic and normal that I made. 

Okey i need to work really! Before I tweet this blog post 🙂