Museums are not library

When I was a kid, school trips to museums were boring. 
We are supposed to be QUIET
We are supposed to not to touch Anything!
We supposed to behave nice and in an order walk around. ..
Military school no. But military understanding of education at school is the case. 
And museums are definitely not interactive. Paintings, statues, glass windows. 

Boring for kids. 

Museums in Europe really enhanced my understanding of museums even the national museums. Probably Jewish museums all around the world Berlin Sydney and Amsterdam were the most interactive and engaging ones.  After all,  yesterday in İstanbul i went a museum called Sadberk hanım. İt is the museum of Koç family (the wealthiest family of Turkey)  they name the museum after their beloved grandma.

Museum has permanent exhibitions which consist of daily life items through Anatolian history. As it is expected late Ottoman era has influenced oftenly the exhibition . Surprisingly 9th 10th century Anatolian ceramics glass works also could have been seen through the gallery. 

In a mansion near bosphorus, spectacular architecture and interior design of museum astonished people of course but the museum staff from the security guards to guides they were utterly snobbish and warning people while they are taking photos or speaking loudly. Are museums serving people with the same function of libraries??

Anyway I managed to take some photos and the temporary exhibition subject was shoes so here you enjoy the outcasted photographers memories 🙂


Above you can see Bride gowns and shoes late 19th early 20th centuries.


Child dress and shoes.  Mid 19th


Daily dress of an Ottoman Woman


Turkish bath and bath shoes they called “nalin”


Patterns for men to dress their hats 16th century

Those are the pics I can take.

But I am amazed by the details of clothes and shoes. Before Internet and mass production or let’s say pret a couture we were definitely elegant.


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