Swiss muesli

Today we went to a picnic, but usually we make barbecue, really delicious hamburgers.

Instead a hot barbecue, we actually me, prepared a cold but lovely Swiss picnic.

Menu was :

Swiss bircher muesli
White Wine with Sprite
Various Cheese
Traditional anatolian bread
Cheery tomatoes with chili flavor olive oil

Thanks to muesli we were full 🙂 and wine accompanied us. 

After reading many recipes,
I prepared Swiss bircher muesli for 2 people, I do not use any measures, I put the same ingredients but with my own eye measures, :)) like

One night before on a bowl I put oats, with milk, a small box 150ml orange juice, and 3 tablespoon lemon juice.  I mix it and put it to refrigerator.

In the morning, soaked oats was mixed with plain yogurt, 1 table spoon cream, a pinch of cinnamon and a grated apple,  chopped half banana  1 tablespoon honey.

Based on your wish you can add nuts, almond and berries

And the result is


The taste was also good.

But I made at the end for 4persons 🙂

On the picture you can see the cover of of my small picnic basket,  reisenthal. And i love my folded picnic basket and I believe design makes the difference not the details I believe.


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