Home made cupping therapy

In Turkey, when someone died the first 7 nights people got together and pray.

Later on the 40th day and 52th day. Really don’t know why. 

Anyway yesterday was the 40th day that my aunt had passed.

They pray I was just present in the group.

One of the relative, she is so funny and a good fortune teller also knows cupping therapy 🙂


Cotton is wrapped on a fork and dig in aqua vitae (this purple spirit) 

And lighted up


Later cups are heated and close it on naked back, legs..

I want to upload a video but WordPress did not allow :/ error codes :///



She has some back pain so lady made cupping on her back. 

Praying, especially within the framework of Turkish traditions is not a way of relief… 

On such a heavy day, she was relaxed afterwards. 

Anyway I am also one of the lucky ladies who got the therapy 😍😍😍🙌

If you find this therapy please try it! Highly recommended


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