A two million dollars wedding


When I saw this instagram photo I found it so cute.
It was a haute couture hangover kit for a after day wedding party 🙂
Later when I read the all hashtags I realised this was a Turkish hi-soc wedding.

The girl, Dilara is the daughter of the biggest coffee chain owner and she is a board member of the company.

The boy, Ali is the son of the biggest coal exporter guy of Turkey.

These two gorgeous got married in St. Moritz, Switzerland at a luxurious hotel – a night for 1500 euro- paid for all their 250 guests which they all stayed at there surely.

And A zuhair Murad wedding gown


You can see the art piece here


And souvenirs 🙂

On the newspapers this incredible wedding is written as a beautiful hi-soc wedding costs 2 millions dollars. 
Danny Brilliant was the singer.

In türkish we have a saying “the money of the rich makes the poor one’s jaw tired” other words, poor people talks a lot about rich peoples money 🙂
So I finish it here but a beautiful video


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