Matterhorn glacier palace 

Since I am not a ski person 

Zermatt presents a bunch of joy for me like people . One of them is matterhorn glacier palace .

It is located in matterhorn glacier paradise which is located the highest point that you can reach by cable car in swiss alps where also you can see Matterhorn peak

Having a selfie here while the weater is -20 and winds speed is 45km/h my fingers almost are frozen 

Later my boyfriend finally meet with zermatt ski pists , I was alone to spend sometime 

At the peak you can follow the signs to find glacier palace .


You should take an elevator later you need to walk like 200m which means you are diving into a glacier 

And sculptures from ice welcomes youu 

New audi car :)the coolest advertisement :))

The enterance fee is 11chf. Also to reach there you need a ski pass which 79chf per day . If you have a 3days ski pass the entrance is free 🙂

Also you can sit at your throne :))

There is a small tunnel in glacier you can enjoy with a pillow sledge 

This was an incredible experience all in glacier palace i found zermatt in total a really well done tourism studied city. 


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