Leap day, snowboard day, what the hell I am doing day ?

Leap day begun with a bad dream but remained ok . Indeed it was peaceful day . 

Yesterday according to an event in bursa dont know whether it is universal or not it was world snowboard day  

They put snacks and drinks on snowboards . Cool and cold 🙂 

I went out with my boyfriend . 

His behaviors , attitudes were like… As if I hired him from a cast agency to not be seen alone in restaurants which so he needs to be polite and gentle he thinks twice before each important sentence he tells me. 

Dont know may be all the times I reject his break up requests as if they came from facebook , so I feel that he is a love prisoner of mine 🙂 

But you know , I feel that he has feelings for me buuuuut the conditions but we are in separately are so compelling which make him frustrating about us. And also did I say that he is so indecisive ? 

I feel ok with him now 

But I now I will peaceful and happy with him when the conditions get better 

I just don’t him to go right now 



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