What happened

Bombs , deads … 

Young beautiful people are dying in Turkey . Because of a leader who is the president who only loves his ego feeds his ego with money and does not care about young beautiful people…

Those people are dying but in Ankara both in south east , diyarbakir , hakkari … 

I am so sorry . I am crying when I saw on the news all these deads… 

5 months ago the beauty on the right was killed in the bomb explosion in Ankara while he was carrying a picture of pure soul who is killed by police during gezi protests .

The beauty on the left tweeted about his friends death and saying that “his only aim was studying in Ankara, why he was killed ?”

Now he is killed

Does it sound “final destination” ?

I am constantly crying… 

They were beautiful. 

They were attending the best university of Turkey. İt is not fair . 

A sad day , peace is needed .

İ do not want to be a refugee as syrian people .

İ do not want to leave my country. 

Peace , now !


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