I am having tough days.

Six months and no job 😦 people are asking I am fatigue to answer like “no still unemployed”. 

I was invited many job interviews I passed the stages but no . 

At the end I haveno job. 

I am fatigue to say that “I quit my master” 

My boyfriend got a job offer from istanbul and he plans to go there with his brother. 

So a forthcoming breakup ! Ta taaa 

I am busy with a project voluntarily. That keeps me partially alive.

This is the ceiling of a shopping mall in ankara. Real “glass ceiling” , there is fish pond at the top . While going upstairs I realize it and astonished by it.

I don’t know if I created my own “glass ceiling ” for being unemployment at the current job interviews, but I just wish that mine could had been visible and charming as this is