Une belle historie

I love every version of that song. Simple words, relaxing melody and cozy voice…

Nostalgia is not the only thing that made me feel connected to the song, but that cozy and unrushed way of singing…

Please listen the song on Eva sur Seine version.

That’s my pick for this autumn. Autumn is really beautiful here. Because we have trees and for a few days we have only sun and cold weather.

My favorite items 🙂


Black and White in a city

Today I took many black&white photographs in Eindhoven to join a photography competition.

I realized even the buildings are in a modern shape and new. Black and white European city photography reminds me only war. WWII specifically.

Here are the few of them.



On 27th April, the Netherlands celebrates the king’s birthday with a 1 full day and night party.

27th April is National Holiday so they begin to celebrate from 26th April’s night, as they call köningsnacht.

On the actual birthday, koningsdag , you party whole day and you can also sell on street markets whatever you want.

I will share some pictures, taken by me in Eindhoven.

It was good and I said to myself Dutch people really know how to party

The last photo is from Tv, the king and royal family.