writing is somehow happened

sometimes I look for someone who only listens me

I am scared to death

Last night, after work I was sleeping… Around 11pm I woke up and watched the news…

I decided not to be alone..

Coup d’etats were bloody and this government is already a vampire…

Jets were flying above, we heard bombings ! 

Step by step we became syria I guess. 

This is possibly a theather from government. But if it is an real attempt for a coup d’etat… I am shamed and terrified. 

Watch turkey closely.. 

Right now 

Hi from Bodrum. Aegean cost of Turkey. 

A cozy holiday, windy weather makes me no sweat 🙂 

Happy sun and sunmmer


Today is my birthday ! 

1 year to rock 30s! 

Few blessings, kisses and birthday cake from my parents, a birtday picnic from my boyfriend:) 

I rest and thank whatever comes to me…

Hope this year

29 welcome , I am ready

When you spot the darkest moment, you are a moment close to bright side

In a hotel room this morning after a deep sleep I woke up.

The roof curtains were close but sun can be felt. Morning is out there , I was just not ready to salute it.

I have a job !

They call me and said that you are the one we chose ! 

Since last month I was going to İstanbul every week and staying there for 2 days at least to attend this company’s interviews.

Now İ am moving to İstanbul 🙂

Last blog post … I shutted down myself and write it. Now things gonna be ok 🙂

How do you say Easter?

I found this under the draft section  
A map-graph that shows how european nations are saying easter.

İn turkey we call it “paskalya” although not celebrating as christians.

Battery about to die 

My battery to hang on life . 

My battery to hang on unemployed life. 

My battery to make him to love me . 

They are All about to die. 

Picnic sunday 

A beautiful weekend with my boyfriend and his brother . 

Picnic sunday, peaceful, I am full of happiness 🙂 

Wish you a perfect week 


Officially summer 🙂 

I woke up with the singing birds and sunshinee 

Let the summer begin 

Still have no job though :/ dont know what to do , I am almost broke . I need a sign to rescue….

Leftover lives and places 

From yesterday , topkapi palace 

Now I can understand why people in palace does not care the public. 

Cause it is enormous ! They thought their world is equal to all . 

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