Dutch way

Amsterdam again

On friday I was in Amsterdam to get a UK visa.

The weather was lovely. So I took so many pictures.

I went to De Pijp area which I liked a lot . I believe now Amsterdam is prettier than a tourist place.

Autumn is perfect in this open-air theme park city, Amsterdam.

All photos are taken by me.

This trip was a rehab for me.

It softens all my thought , detoxicated my feelings.


 Amsterdam when I am 30

I am 30. 

My husband bought me a trip to Amsterdam on my 30th birthday. 

He had never been in Amsterdam so I think it was a present for him too . 

I took some pictures, it was 5th time in Amsterdam so I would like to see Amsterdam from a perspective of a resident while my husband is astonished by the city itself… 

City is beautiful and ordered actuall if you removed all tourists… 

And we didnot go extereme for celebration, indeed, he was sleeping 🙂 While I turn into 3 numbers … I do not care at all for birthdays, but I can tell you now. 

30s are soooo different and amazing



I feel Amsterdam is a tourist deception center.
The architecture, the souvenirs, the lifestyle, the work life.

I was there yesterday for a European union project.
The photos I took were incredible they were like a theatre scene, the clouds, the lights..

I tried space cake, mushroom but nothing happen :/ so waste of money. I wish they were OK. Pff

Anyway soo photos