Amsterdam again

On friday I was in Amsterdam to get a UK visa. The weather was lovely. So I took so many pictures. I went to De Pijp area which I liked a lot . I believe now Amsterdam is prettier than a tourist place. Autumn is perfect in this open-air theme park city, Amsterdam. All photos…


I came back from belgrade two hours ago. This was my second visit. I don’t know whether it was the autumn made me little bit uncomfortable or being alone after a while.  I mean without my fiancé. I am getting married within few months… He is my peacemaker, my luck and my match, my reflection…

Istanbul, take care

Getting closer to the target. I will make a new life here, in you, istanbul. Be gentle to me. Take care  Feel me and call me so soon.

Cinnamon season

Today is 14c herr. All all rainy day. I must write some bullshit for my applications. I ran away from home. After 8 years away from home, now turning there back made me feel a teenager. So I escaped for 8 hours. To feel myself. To do things. I am sick also. I opened cinnamon…


I had consulted me and him to my friends. They all say no hope. I still wanna believe   Anyway now I am w my friends at a park. Stars. Bacardi. Cats  Fresh air. Some wind. Flamenco on background. This is road to park. Istanbul , heal me pls