Dutch way

Amsterdam again

On friday I was in Amsterdam to get a UK visa.

The weather was lovely. So I took so many pictures.

I went to De Pijp area which I liked a lot . I believe now Amsterdam is prettier than a tourist place.

Autumn is perfect in this open-air theme park city, Amsterdam.

All photos are taken by me.

This trip was a rehab for me.

It softens all my thought , detoxicated my feelings.


Une belle historie

I love every version of that song. Simple words, relaxing melody and cozy voice…

Nostalgia is not the only thing that made me feel connected to the song, but that cozy and unrushed way of singing…

Please listen the song on Eva sur Seine version. https://open.spotify.com/track/654RprVvr0L8l6wm7XEHci?si=W2Hc9e7vSsW1sAIM6VbZRg

That’s my pick for this autumn. Autumn is really beautiful here. Because we have trees and for a few days we have only sun and cold weather.

My favorite items 🙂



I came back from belgrade two hours ago. This was my second visit. I don’t know whether it was the autumn made me little bit uncomfortable or being alone after a while. 

I mean without my fiancé. I am getting married within few months… He is my peacemaker, my luck and my match, my reflection on another body… 

But Belgrade made me feel alone and as if I am looking to an unfinished puzzle… 

Belgrade is beautiful, the place that I should look for the missing piece may be inside in me. 
However here are the beauty from my perspective

The enterance gate of our lovely hotel, Smokvica 

Tower at Zemun. A bridal shoot and bored bestman&maid of honor. 

Beautiful houses from neighbourhood Vracar

Sava Cathedral

me and my shadow at kalemegdan

Gates and ghost castles at Kalemegdan


A surprise on the door

lorenzo and kakalamba 

me and him

Sick souls and bodies so fragile.


Yesterday night I was so sick.
My family carried me to the hospital. My fever was really high, I fainted…

Anyway now I am ok, thanks god… little bit sneeze, coughs..

I am so fragile when Im sick.
My superego removed its guard, I became plain in front of people.
I also recalled my memories.
All good memories with you…
Your smile.
Your hugs.
Your smell.

I recalled them tried to live them as if they happened yesterday.
I called you with my dreams, with my day dreams..
I am fragile . Where are you ?


Cinnamon season


Today is 14c herr. All all rainy day. I must write some bullshit for my applications. I ran away from home. After 8 years away from home, now turning there back made me feel a teenager. So I escaped for 8 hours. To feel myself. To do things. I am sick also. I opened cinnamon season w this cappucino 🙂 Before berlin I almost hate cinnamon. After berlin I adore it. Autumn came. Cinnamon season for me 🙂 Reminder of christmas 🙂 Please bring me some miracle