Dutch way, self talks


Nowadays I am so chilled so peaceful…

Things are smooth. Christmas is on the corner!

My boyfriend’s friends are coming for Christmas. He is bringing his girlfriend.

So we will be accelerator during their serious leveling up process.

So I did iron, dishes and cleaning today.

But a holiday mood boosts my mood!

Last week it was snowing❄️⛄️ I wish the same for christmas

Happy holidays


I miss so badly some “things” which follow me back here

What are they?
From previous years
Stollen, sephora,  H&m, rossmann
And now




I think we shall better to watch what we had wish /demand /talk, cause at some point of a time they became 3d realities in front of our eyes… 

Weihnachtsmarkt is one of the best one I can wish and make come true for the last two years that I moved back from Germany to Turkey…

Hope the other wishes I made which are depressive or blue are not listened that much carefully


Simple is better, maybe not always?

Starbucks red cup discussion is all over around.
Though being in a Muslim country I am also one of the supporter and keen of Xmas season of red cups

This year red cups just yesterday 11.10.2015 has been released


Today I had the season’s fırst gingerbread latte 🙂

I found this red cup soooo simple.


During the years until 2013 I honestly found the design of cups are too crowded.

2013, 2014 are minimalistic and represents Xmas spirit the most.

But just a pale, red is so simple.

Now let’s discuss the discussions

I am not getting the little game of Starbucks is not celebrating Christmas.
No they are. Cause it is a huge market. And it is a Christian origin company.

Some discussion about, why we are talking about these cups, while we have wars, we have migration, we have Ebola etc.?
Sorry, that is right in one perspective BUT we have wars all the time, and normal people, normal consumers have daily issues, this issue like paying bills or bus ticket.


A global economy will require GREEN CUP  during Ramadan for upcoming years if you realise popularity and dubai and Qatar even for now.

So guys be prepared 🙂 for new discussion


Happy merry christmas

Today I am in Ankara.

Capital city of Turkey where my childhood and collage years had passed….

My first and longest love
, 5 years.
The guy that I dreamed to move Germany.
I went he did not come.
He left me on the phone.

The city is still surrendered by the memories of us.
The US that I burried a beautiful and ambitious girl..

The last words of him to be that pinar I would be with you for 2 or 3 years more but I cannot marry with you sooo goodbye. ..

The truth as a knife so sharp and real.
So true but hurting.

Now I am in the city.
My beloved university friend. My friend. Not Hims.

(Cause I was all the time with him. His friends became mine. But only her was my friend)

Drinking my gin to memories.

Happy ones.

Merry Christmas. I believe in miracles which are rarely but this year will happen to me 🙂



Hej Sweden


Another ikea day when xmas is getting closer… Dont worry still the box is full. But it is more closer the end of the box rather than xmas.

This year at ikea there are more xmas ornaments and lights compared to last year.after December 1st I will go for a shopping for decorations. You know I live in Turkey therefore it is really uncommon to celebrate xmas and decorate the houses only shopping malls are on the mood.

But no I won’t give up. Xmas is my thing