Dutch way

Amsterdam again

On friday I was in Amsterdam to get a UK visa.

The weather was lovely. So I took so many pictures.

I went to De Pijp area which I liked a lot . I believe now Amsterdam is prettier than a tourist place.

Autumn is perfect in this open-air theme park city, Amsterdam.

All photos are taken by me.

This trip was a rehab for me.

It softens all my thought , detoxicated my feelings.



By a chance.
Very spontaneously I found myself in woodstock festival in Poland.

Protoje while we were entering the festival area w 500000 people !


Kingston be wise ! A perfect song !

Later on we tried to decide whether we had time for bungee jumping


While deciding on that, on the way back we were hugged and kissed by many drunk people who are wear “free kiss” sign.


Beside that bear 🙂

And on the train station of Kostrzyn we realized that we had missed the last train. The next one is 5o’clock in the morning.

Therefore,  cheers to polish beer and back to festival.


Walking a lot but drinking and listening Skid row then going to rave scene !

A full night of festival



Radikal guru was another group that I liked.

Anyway turning to Berlin was a remedy.

A familiar language, alphabet,  people, streets !!

And of course breakfast.


Next year I can go again. But definetly with a tent !



Saying what saying ?

Beside my heartaches inherited from Berlin.

I have serious problems in Turkey. As many of you know, Turkey has a vast majority of muslim population and a middle-eastern country however some perspectives it is closer to western countries compared to the other muslim world. 

After I had moved back to Turkey, I have missed so much things and I have to alter my daily habits.

  • Forgetting taste of bacon (in small citys IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND PORK)
  • Diary product variety is almost lost if you had found it is crazy expensive
  • Alcohol sales are prohibited after 10pm (new law)
  • If you are a woman and going back home after sun set, you should let your friends that you had arrived home SAFELY
  • Invisible population of GAYS

Ok I can prolong this list but I will come to the point.

I will give you the keywords. Muslim. Woman. Virgin. Marriage. In this to-be-hell country, there is TAMPON scarcity. So hard to find, if you had found just 2-3 types thats all.

and the story begins like that: (This is a true story) You( I mean “I”) went a big super market in the 4th biggest city of this most westernized Muslim oriented middle-eastern country, you could not find TAMPONS but you are sure it must be somewhere..

you go and ask a sales assistant ( MALES ARE NOT PREFERABLE , you are a woman and you will ask something about your period, your fertility which can seduce a man so AVOID – when I was a child, when my aunt bought sanitary pads, man at cash wrap it with a newspaper and put it on a BLACK BAG offfff, cause nobody should see it – ) ok lets go back to story

you choose a woman sales assistant and ask for tampons .

-Sorry, where are the tampons I couldn’t find them.

-(..giggling, little shame…) saying tampon ??

-saying tampon ?? as saying ??

-you ask for tampon ??????? (ASTONISHED)

– (serious tone) yes I ask for tampon for my period ( in turkish generally women use “being ill” instead of period)

– (AMUSED, PUZZELED, JUDGED, she realized that I AM NOT VIRGIN) Just please check those sanitary pad section…

– Ok


But I can feel the judgement. and it is ?

1st saying loudly that you had period – SHAMEEE !! you are calling men !! you underlines that you are fertile

2nd saying loudly you look for a TAMPON !! you had sex beforeee you married – OH NO you are a bitch. you want to seduce men. 

3rd combine 1st and 2nd—-> oh no, she is a woman, she is against those traditions, she is doing whatever she wants soo I am jeaoulos. She is my rival. Anyway her appearance is bad ( so I found some point to make myself confident and blamed her)…

Oh no. This made me so tired. 

my friend form office is going to London. and I order some tampons which are not selling in Turkey  http://www.amazon.de/O-B-Tampons-Flexia-Super-St%C3%BCck/dp/B0013CAS5Q 

stocks are important.

but being a women in Turkey not.