Tributes to every piece of mine

Today there was a festival at the Philips De Jongh park in Eindhoven. The theme was Happy Sunday ! And at the stage there were only Tribute groups. Red Hot Chili Peppers Amy Winehouse Queen Led Zeplin I only listened Amy Winehouse band. The band was so successful . The vokal is dressed similar as…

Goodbye 30

I fulfilled 30 years on earth. As a human, woman, Middle Eastern, heart broken, hardworking, standing alone for herself, frightened, misunderstood, beloved, loving creature… I love the journey. Each year it gets harder, so the pleasure I got become more…. I did not feel the years of 20s, I lived every second of my 20s…

Picnic sunday 

A beautiful weekend with my boyfriend and his brother .  Picnic sunday, peaceful, I am full of happiness 🙂  Wish you a perfect week 

Hapinness in a box

Probably you have all understood. This photo is the result of a combination of 1)a night that contains drinking irresponsibly, acting wildly and losing the all logic. 2) High level of anxiety due to being late. Yet. It is the picture of happiness for me that is sold in a box for 8 lira (3…

Haunted feelings

Today after a busy work day. My best friend suggested to have a dinner at Ikea. My favorite place in bursa. So everything is just same as ikea in berlin or stockholm or paris or istanbul. When I miss myhome, my life resemblance is enough to pretend As if I am free again. My food…

Buying happiness

After a long and heavy working day I found myself at bakery . I bought some macarons.  For happiness .  Next round will be w cheesecake. But I won’t say no a happiness w a boyfriend.

Breakfast get together

Yes Sunday ! Grandma called and said that family breakfast timeee 🙂 I read somewhere else that “breakfast must be related to the happiness”. I agree. Family all aunts, uncles, lots of gossip and fun ! One of the rarest reason and times I am happy.