Dutch way, self talks


Nowadays I am so chilled so peaceful…

Things are smooth. Christmas is on the corner!

My boyfriend’s friends are coming for Christmas. He is bringing his girlfriend.

So we will be accelerator during their serious leveling up process.

So I did iron, dishes and cleaning today.

But a holiday mood boosts my mood!

Last week it was snowing❄️⛄️ I wish the same for christmas

Happy holidays


I found love in this heavenly place

A religious holiday resulted in an island holiday at the very last days of summer in Turkey. 

Greek name of the island is ImBroz , turkish name is Gokceada. 

Hidden beaches, goats, olive and pine trees … A cittaslow city… 

we made camping with my boyfriend. And I am in love with him now , as he is in love with me … 

These photos are from our lovely camping place Yildiz koy- Arkadia . In this cozy place , while you are having a sun bath ( it was so windy and cloudy while we were there so we couldn’t have any) the bar tender was playing an awesome playlist that I shazamed all day and each song. ( pls visit my spotify pinarsardar) 

Enough for camping site and that romance , right ? 

This peaceful place let us to speak of our feelings, love … 

we sat down on beach for hours and enjoy view .. 

My tired and stained brain due to work, cleaned and refreshed . 

I am fullfilled with love and him. 

Perfect combination for holiday. 

I will post about island more 


Matterhorn glacier palace 

Since I am not a ski person 

Zermatt presents a bunch of joy for me like people . One of them is matterhorn glacier palace .

It is located in matterhorn glacier paradise which is located the highest point that you can reach by cable car in swiss alps where also you can see Matterhorn peak

Having a selfie here while the weater is -20 and winds speed is 45km/h my fingers almost are frozen 

Later my boyfriend finally meet with zermatt ski pists , I was alone to spend sometime 

At the peak you can follow the signs to find glacier palace .


You should take an elevator later you need to walk like 200m which means you are diving into a glacier 

And sculptures from ice welcomes youu 

New audi car :)the coolest advertisement :))

The enterance fee is 11chf. Also to reach there you need a ski pass which 79chf per day . If you have a 3days ski pass the entrance is free 🙂

Also you can sit at your throne :))

There is a small tunnel in glacier you can enjoy with a pillow sledge 

This was an incredible experience all in glacier palace i found zermatt in total a really well done tourism studied city.