Nowadays I am so chilled so peaceful… Things are smooth. Christmas is on the corner! My boyfriend’s friends are coming for Christmas. He is bringing his girlfriend. So we will be accelerator during their serious leveling up process. So I did iron, dishes and cleaning today. But a holiday mood boosts my mood! Last week…

Newroz, paste, easter

Easter is coming and today is Newroz ! Just few photos how Eindhoveners is getting ready for Easter. So funny and adorable flowers 🙂

I found love in this heavenly place

A religious holiday resulted in an island holiday at the very last days of summer in Turkey.  Greek name of the island is ImBroz , turkish name is Gokceada.  Hidden beaches, goats, olive and pine trees … A cittaslow city…  we made camping with my boyfriend. And I am in love with him now ,…

Right now 

Hi from Bodrum. Aegean cost of Turkey.  A cozy holiday, windy weather makes me no sweat 🙂  Happy sun and sunmmer

Matterhorn glacier palace 

Since I am not a ski person  Zermatt presents a bunch of joy for me like people . One of them is matterhorn glacier palace . It is located in matterhorn glacier paradise which is located the highest point that you can reach by cable car in swiss alps where also you can see Matterhorn…

Why are we working for? Holidays

My second planned holiday of this year (actually in2016) is to Switzerland 🙂 on February I found Switzerland all the time so welcoming as they say grüezi :)) My only motivation to work is holiday 🙂  so keep smiling