Yesterday, while I was going to the university, I was astonished again by a Small town called Oisterwijk. I decided to go there after school ofcourse if he agrees with me and has a lust to go there. Thanks to sunshine and his boredom at work, it was so easy to convince him. The town…


Today is my birthday !  1 year to rock 30s!  Few blessings, kisses and birthday cake from my parents, a birtday picnic from my boyfriend:)  I rest and thank whatever comes to me… Hope this year 29 welcome , I am ready

Picnic sunday 

A beautiful weekend with my boyfriend and his brother .  Picnic sunday, peaceful, I am full of happiness 🙂  Wish you a perfect week 

Sun down 

A beautiful sunset around the park. 

Ski holiday without skiing

Title is true . I dont know how to ski so I havent done any skiing activity  But I had a ski holiday in zermatt     This is at the peak 3886 m. You can see Mathernhorn the mountain you can recognize easily    Here is village zermatt  I took cable cars to the top…

Clouds whisper the coming storm

Weekend was beginning like that from the ferry…  It was cloudy, I mean weekend. I was almost doing a traffic accident… Now weekend ends with a sun… I miss my boyfriend a lot..  I got so much used him to being next to me… Dont know… Whether will we be happy or not at the…