Amsterdam again

On friday I was in Amsterdam to get a UK visa. The weather was lovely. So I took so many pictures. I went to De Pijp area which I liked a lot . I believe now Amsterdam is prettier than a tourist place. Autumn is perfect in this open-air theme park city, Amsterdam. All photos…

My new blog

Because I am still unemployed, I needed something to make me feel busy and value-generated person. I officially opened my first travel blog ! It is in Turkish BUT I put all the restaurants and cafes I like/love in the cities w their addresses! So, for english speakers you have the best part of…

Eindhoven diaries

I am doing almost nothing. A dutch course which is great because now I feel less alienated . And a dance course, jazz step that I met dutch people and do physical activity. The other days I sit at home. Probably I will apply a master program. Anyway we have friends and family visited us….

What I caught by myself

My friends were in Amsterdam. Just by train ride for one and half hour, I arrived there. These are photos I took with my new iphone X .

Lights drops

Lovely chandelier from my hospital. One day if I become rich, I want this one to my living room.

Industry art project

For a small project, I am in a furniture plant almost in the middle of nowhere. I took some photos, focused on details, tools at the factory. Here are they Spiral for bed Papers Runners Drills Pipes I am amazed with labour, materials, work pace….  Loved it, but now I must sleep