Yesterday, while I was going to the university, I was astonished again by a Small town called Oisterwijk. I decided to go there after school ofcourse if he agrees with me and has a lust to go there. Thanks to sunshine and his boredom at work, it was so easy to convince him. The town…

Honey Mooon

I don’t know since when I haven’t been writing to this blog. Let’s say 1 year at most.  Big alterations required time.  I am married now. A big friendly wedding followed by a marvelous honeymoon in Santorini.  I will tell about each detail of this 1 long year but I will begin with happy end…

Right now 

Hi from Bodrum. Aegean cost of Turkey.  A cozy holiday, windy weather makes me no sweat 🙂  Happy sun and sunmmer


Officially summer 🙂  I woke up with the singing birds and sunshinee  Let the summer begin  Still have no job though dont know what to do , I am almost broke . I need a sign to rescue….

It costs being flu but worth it

On Sunday having a picking at the peak of mountain Uludağ, Bursa, was AMAZING City was 30degrees but the peak was 17. And today I have a flu. But seeing this view worth it Me,  climbed on the rocks

All what I have

After a lovely trip here what I had, beside my remarkable memories, short fights with my lover, effort required questions about relationship,  As bullet points below Food presentation is AWESOMEEEEE City itself an pop art gallery And also history