Tributes to every piece of mine

Today there was a festival at the Philips De Jongh park in Eindhoven.

The theme was Happy Sunday ! And at the stage there were only Tribute groups.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Amy Winehouse


Led Zeplin

I only listened Amy Winehouse band. The band was so successful . The vokal is dressed similar as Amy. Her voice is strong ! The songs they performed were well picked .

Amy was such a transparent song writer and performer . She was special indeed she still is..

so this tribute was everything that I am looking for this weekend.

I am having major problems with my H’s family. They do not behave equal between their sons and we feel this a lot !

Now I learned that they do not want me in their family from the beginning.

Anyway messed people, ignorant personalities … My H is the only contact with them.

So This week I was depressed and exhausted psychologically ..

This thing – flying chairs was also a great tribute to my childhood , easy days.

Nice chill out day and a really happy sunday at the end !


Clouds whisper the coming storm



Weekend was beginning like that from the ferry… 

It was cloudy, I mean weekend. I was almost doing a traffic accident…

Now weekend ends with a sun…

I miss my boyfriend a lot..  I got so much used him to being next to me…

Dont know… Whether will we be happy or not at the end?



Picnic w to-be boyfriend.


We found this corner on the skirts of the mountain.


And ate our sandwiches, read some book perfect weekend! Isn’t it?


Ps.  The book is written by one of my friend who lives in Berlin. It is a book of short stories with a funny language but also you feel that it is a product of high level literature . For Turkish readers it is highly recommended.