writing is somehow happened

sometimes I look for someone who only listens me

 Amsterdam when I am 30

I am 30. 

My husband bought me a trip to Amsterdam on my 30th birthday. 

He had never been in Amsterdam so I think it was a present for him too . 

I took some pictures, it was 5th time in Amsterdam so I would like to see Amsterdam from a perspective of a resident while my husband is astonished by the city itself… 

City is beautiful and ordered actuall if you removed all tourists… 

And we didnot go extereme for celebration, indeed, he was sleeping 🙂 While I turn into 3 numbers … I do not care at all for birthdays, but I can tell you now. 

30s are soooo different and amazing

Never say never

I did something. 

A mistake, a very bad one. However, feeling ok, not so regretful. 

Feels like a dream of someone. But it was real, may be it was my subconscious that reveals

Honey Mooon

I don’t know since when I haven’t been writing to this blog. Let’s say 1 year at most. 

Big alterations required time. 

I am married now. A big friendly wedding followed by a marvelous honeymoon in Santorini. 

I will tell about each detail of this 1 long year but I will begin with happy end . 

First we have just 1 week for our vacation so, we don’t want to spend our limited days on a flight and trying to overcome jetlag. 

Europe is the target for honeymoon under such conditions. Indeed I traveled many countries, a summerish holiday is demanded and Greece was winner due to it’s physical and cultural proximity. 
santorini was the answer. We looked through AirBnB and booked our place in akrotiri, santorini on December. 

This is or place Aura Marina apartments in Akrotiri.

Booked our ticket on application Hopper which shows the highest and lowest rates of the route , and calculates when it could be lower. 

Aeagen airlines have non-direct flights to Santorini. First you must stop in Athens Airport, a decent and shop lover style. Later you need to take a 45 minutes flight to Santorini. 

Santorini is a small and a mountainous island with 3 big villages. Oia ( the symbol of the island), Thira ( the center village, port is there) , Akrotiri, ( small and southern village, close to beaches) 

You better rent an ATV or car. It is a toursitc island in Greece do not wait proper public buses. And please enjoy your time and do not depend on anything. 

Island is not cheap. We spend for our dinners ( 3 mezes, 1 main course, ouzo or wine (glass)) 50-70 euro in different parts of the island. 

Sunset is incredible, I think in aegean region is incredible for sunset but Oia and Thira is special due to its architecture. 

For a greek tavern try To psaraki ( mussels and fish fresh) 

For fine dining try Selene.

For breakfast and bakery try Svoronos. 

For wine tasting go to Hadzjidakis . 

Try vinsantoo !! 😋 delicious 

We enjoyed we liked the island and We rested . 

now actual times begin…  a just married life

A beginning for a dead end

(photo is taken by me at my favorite cafe in Istanbul) 

After electoral voting, Turkey said No in big cities however majority say yes (according to pro-government sources) 

Now we are more fragile than ever, trapped than ever… 

He begins to talk about death penalty. No surprise, power needs to be felt by the all audience in the most rigid form. 

It is like hunger games… A hanging tree

The song.. 

before it is too late

Me and fiancé should move a welcoming country for us, not like US

I wish that we could move to Sweden; close to Turkey, great coffee and cinnamon rolls, freedom and snow 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

more Belgrade

A More Detailed Summary of Belgrade


I came back from belgrade two hours ago. This was my second visit. I don’t know whether it was the autumn made me little bit uncomfortable or being alone after a while. 

I mean without my fiancé. I am getting married within few months… He is my peacemaker, my luck and my match, my reflection on another body… 

But Belgrade made me feel alone and as if I am looking to an unfinished puzzle… 

Belgrade is beautiful, the place that I should look for the missing piece may be inside in me. 
However here are the beauty from my perspective

The enterance gate of our lovely hotel, Smokvica 

Tower at Zemun. A bridal shoot and bored bestman&maid of honor. 

Beautiful houses from neighbourhood Vracar

Sava Cathedral

me and my shadow at kalemegdan

Gates and ghost castles at Kalemegdan


A surprise on the door

lorenzo and kakalamba 

I found love in this heavenly place

A religious holiday resulted in an island holiday at the very last days of summer in Turkey. 

Greek name of the island is ImBroz , turkish name is Gokceada. 

Hidden beaches, goats, olive and pine trees … A cittaslow city… 

we made camping with my boyfriend. And I am in love with him now , as he is in love with me … 

These photos are from our lovely camping place Yildiz koy- Arkadia . In this cozy place , while you are having a sun bath ( it was so windy and cloudy while we were there so we couldn’t have any) the bar tender was playing an awesome playlist that I shazamed all day and each song. ( pls visit my spotify pinarsardar) 

Enough for camping site and that romance , right ? 

This peaceful place let us to speak of our feelings, love … 

we sat down on beach for hours and enjoy view .. 

My tired and stained brain due to work, cleaned and refreshed . 

I am fullfilled with love and him. 

Perfect combination for holiday. 

I will post about island more 

Hagia Sophia 

Today I was in Hagia Sophia fot my first time. 

I know understand why people are astonished. 

Let the photos speak for themselves 

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